Jelena Mitrović

Hi, I am Jelena, and I’m 19 years old, so that means that Jelena is the youngest person on training course Online tools in youth work and non-formal learning. 🙂

In the moment I’m researching my opportunities and experiencing new things in my life after high school. Next year I will begin my formal education.

I am youth leader and member of Becej Youth Association-BUM since 2012.

Energy and adrenalin in my body are really huge. I started training karate when I was 6 years old. That is my first love, and youth work is second! Adrenalin has brought me in many situations, both interesting and dangerous. In every of them I have learned something new about myself.

Talents: my biggest talent is spreading positive energy and thoughts.

Empathy 90%
Communication 85%
Acceptance of diversity 99%
Team work 99%
Responsibility 100%
The spread positive energy 99%
Milea Ana Maria

My name is Ana-Maria  and I am 24 years old. I live in Bucharest in Romania and in 2016  I finished my studies,  in the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.

I am volunteering in sport because sport has the power to change the world … has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that few other things fail. Talk to young people in a language that they understand.

My talent is to cook. Many people says that kitchen is a job which mostly men are doing.

That doesn’t mean that women are less talented. Talent in the kitchen is not about gender, is about what you know to do.

By taking all these aspects into account, the presenter feels accepted and connected to

his/her audience and manages to develop a sense of belonging which can contribute a lot to

developing self-confidence and ultimately to delivering a successful presentation.

Social skills 80%
Motivation and adaptation 90%
Sociability 80%
Creativity 90%
Achieving the objectives 80%
Positive attitude 100%
Persuasion 90%
Practicality 80%
Enisa Trako
Hello! I am Enisa Trako. I am from Albania. I am studing communication for behaviour and social changes.  I love travelling a lot and i travel as much as i can . When traveling mostly  but even in my everyday life i love  taking  pictures..  In my free time i go for walk or read books. My favourite author is Paulina Simons. I am participant in some organizations such as “Y-peer Albania”, “Association for children and young with diabetes” and “Beyond Barriers”.
I try to enjoy life to the fullest.
Meric Tahan
Gozde Korpe

Hi, My name is Gözde. I m from Turkey and I live in Istanbul. I study psychology and I am mostly interested in field of social psychology. Traveling, discovering new placesand trying different things are fascinating for me. By doing so, I feel like I know myself better and construct more meanings in order to make the life worthliving. I have grown up in a city by the coast and I love everything about sea where I feel most peaceful.  Swimming and scuba diving

are my favourite activities. One more thing about me is that I love dancing even though I am not the best one with it. 🙂
Salih Oroses
Slobodan Antić
Ahmed Hadžić

I am cool beucouse l finish economi, but i work like a director of amateur theatre, beucouse i am always favorite person in the squad l live to make jokes and l am cool beucouse i living healthy life and and go to the GEM almost every day and dont eat bread, ok l eat l wont stop.

Communication 80%
Team work 100%
Self-initiative 90%
Creative 90%
Persistent 60%
Inovative 100%
Morning person 5%
Selma Dacić

I’m a person who ready to learn and improve my knowledge, respects diversity, confident and ambitious. I’m cool person because i’m good in makeup, i’m economy specialist in the public sector, know driving a car and i like wearing converse sneakers..

Jasminka Cikotić

I am persone who a respect for diversity and the needs of others. Developed  sense of personal responsabiliti and ect.

I am cool pesone because I love the good jokes, I have a got a cool scarf, because am fashionist, I love the red lipstic, wear a hats. I love to dance and I love flowers.

Mubera Fetahović

I am cool person because I wear hijjab.
I am girl who working in IT Centar.
I am only person who came to Brzeće catched the bus with taxi, because I am so cool.

I am a person who is ambitious and I like teamwork.

Dalibor Selucky

My name is Dalibor Selucky, im from Czech republic, I have studied in 3 countries different universities. University of Gent in Belgium, in Ostrava VŠB-TUO, and in southern China, university of Xiamen. I have finished my master degree 2015.

I like sports, my personal record is that i run marathon, i do biking, squash, tenis and swimming.

I have participated and won international competition organised by PwC and Kofola group, including developing business plan for Kofola group for given required development.

Im have working experiences from about 15 working possition from several levels and industries, including executive management of a company, being a baker, a teacher, or IT serviceman.

Im very associal, having big problems with connecting to other people, and my social skill is somewhere around 0, with 0 self confidence. That is my very important aspect.

Russian 30%
Spanish 30%
English 50%
Mandarine Chineese 10%
Critisicing skill 60%
Nikolina Garača

Nikolina is the one who sees the good in everything and everyone. She radiates positive vibes and tries to support all people in their missions to become the best they can be. Although she often feels like 24 hours are not enough, she utterly enjoys finding the balance between what is personal, professional and spiritual. Nikolina is an eternal learner, a true optimist and an empowered leader. If you are looking for someone to do with people, look no more.

Helping skills and communication 85%
Empathy 95%
Informal writing 75%
Career counselling 80%
Alexia Karageorgis

Hey hey hey, Alexia here. Island child. Permanently curious. Doodler and drummer. Wanderer and wonderer. Happy to lend an ear, eager to lend a hand. When I’m not satisfying travel bug demands, you’ll most likely find me riding my bike or climbing onto my roof to chill with a snack and a good book.

Editing/proofreading 90%
Photography 50%
Drums/percussion 60%
Besmira Lekaj

I am Besmira from the land of eagles- Albania. I have 8 years engaging in youth voluntary work since when I was at the lucky age of 22 years old! Each and every young person is lucky more than he or she will ever know and that is why such initiatives are essential, because they celebrate their potential. I know it because back in my country I serve as mentor to a group of 15 youth who have implemented many beautiful initiatives and have showed people that youth know how to make the real change; they are the revolutionary force. That’s why I am cool, because I get to enjoy each day by being a catalizator to the secret weapon of my and each country- youth!

Vladimir Gjorgjevski

I love my job so I don’t work any single day.

Youth work is my life.

I never stop learning and educating young people

Travelling is my passion.

I’m trying to be the world that I want to see

Project cycle management 80%
Communications 80%
Interculturality 80%
Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights 70%
Social entrepreneurship 80%
Leadership 70%
Creative conflict resolution 70%
Nick Marios Trifyllis
My name is Marios and I am a Greek lover!
I love traveling all over my country and other countries when I can afford the money! I also like listening and playing to music and watching movies! I have pets, a lot of pets!! I am Also good at drawing, decorating, making and fixing things!!
George Bikoulis

Hey, I am George and I am so cool.

I like sports because I am good when it comes to action. I also like listening to music and watching movies. Of course I like to travel a lot and meeting new ppl. AND for the end I really like my humour, that means I can laugh by my own without anyone know why. I ‘ll never get bored of myself…
Erbara Gjana

Hello, I am Erbara Gjana. I am a student at Medical University of Tirana, I study pharmacy .

I am a quiet  person and  shy  when we first meet. I like adventures  and traveling  a lot. I am a curious person , I want to know   new things,  new cultures , new people . Everyone has something to learn  you .   I love reading books , even though I don t have much time to read. ( I am more with  reading the book  ,than watching the movie) I am open to new things and try to be  adaptive  enough to new things.

I think happiness can be found even in the darkest moments, if you are with the right company .

Being part of  the trainings like this ( abroad,  traveling with someone I only know the name)  is a new experience for me,  which I think I will learn a lot.

Lanscape photography 80%
Marko Gačević

I am extremely charming. Girls love me like a cute puppy. Except for that I was diagnosed with this unique condition I call Goergeclooneyitis. It’s not contagious and the only symptom is being so awesome you couldn’t believe it. People exposed to my influence may notice slight increase of euphoria and might themselves having more fun than they are accustomed to.

Danijel Bićanić

I am Danijel. My friends would say that I am a people person – always willing to stay close with the ones I really love, my close friends. They would also say that I am a walking encyclopedia for irrelevant data, trivia and other infos I catch up during my day. Since in my life everything turns around people, I chose to work as a psychologist which is more that just a job for me. In my free time, when I have one, I like to relax on yoga class or easy going night out in pub with some good beer.

Communication skills 90%
Cooperation 80%
Empathy 80%
Group leading 70%
Planning 90%
Organizational skills 80%
Andreas Andreoy

Hi my name is antreas antreou aka Mrbig
One of  my greatest assets is my amazing comunication skills and my ability to listen to others.  I would probably rate it with a solid 8 to be honest.  I could go on and on describing that asset of mine but since we are going to meet you will find out in first hand.

Another great thing about myself is that i am positive in a level of disgusts i always try to make every situation positive and keep myself smiling through all the hardships and whatever life throws at me or the people around me.  I consider my positivenes a virus that i love to infected others with it.

Anca Pricop

My name is Anca Pricop, I am 27 years old(omg), and I really love to learn and to meet new people in order to change my country(muhaha). Not in a bad way, calm down. For me, Non Formal Education is the food for my brain and my soul. Because, I am always a student, never a master, I always need to grow. And I have to grow beautiful, like a flower(we are the flower) we need sun(the non-formal education) we do not need clouds(the formal education, which in Romania is very rigid and inflexible). So, for me, the Non Formal Education is the energy that keeps us moving foward. In Romania it is a real problem about non-formal education. Even if we say we are using non-formal education, I think we are not on that level. We need to change that.

So I think I am little bit a cool person. Nobody evolved maintaing status -quo. Change in a good way is always about evolving. But you have to look for the perfect team to do that.

Communications skills 85%
Organisational /managerial skills 80%
Organisational skills 80%
Team-leading 80%
Good command of developing quality of courses 80%
Mentoring skills 70%
Aleksandar Ristić

I’m young person who like to collect signets in passport, smiles of unknown persons and new tastes unknown cities. I’m also energetic person who always sees the best qualities in people. With me it is impossible not to laugh. I’m enjoying in spreading positive vibes to people who are in my environment. I like to get out of my comfort zone and enjoy in it. 😀

Enjoying in life 100%
Youth work 80%
Communication 100%
Organization 100%
Andrea Vukašinović

I am Andrea and this is from me…

I don’t know what means „cool“ person for every person so I don’t think that I can write that I am a cool person. But, if you want I can write about what is cool for me and why I am cool for myself 😛 ..I think that I am a cool person because I am happy with my life, because I love to help another person, I love to learn new things, I love traveling, I love adventures, I love my familly and I love to hang out with my friends, because I care about enviroment protection and because I am always positive.

Coping with unexcepted situations 70%
Coordinating people 60%
Social skills – like team work 90%
Art skills 70%
Sport activities 80%
Coaching 70%
Planning 80%
Viktorija Bondikjova

I would say…seize the day!

Firstly, I don’t judge people on any basis, I can resolve conflicts in a constructive way and I believe that I am not able to offend a person. Moreover, I honestly love to work and be active. For me, working and studying what I love, is a pleasure. I consider myself as very dynamic creature with a restless mind regarding the fact I can be out for 12 hours a day and still have ideas and power what to do next. I would stay up for 48 hours when I’m travelling and surrounded by open-minded and adventurous people, I think that sleeping is “a waste of time”. Apart from the saying “I love trying new things”, I honestly believe and behave according to this motto, so I am really into “trying something new and different” every day, I don’t like routines, even though I have some. I take advantage of my whole free time to travel and I am planning my next trip to Asia after my last summer spent in China! I am very curious in a way of exploring the eastern countries. I can’t stand staying at one place for a longer period of time. Also, when I mention that I study psychology, please don’t reply to me that I can read your mind. I would say at first: I am sorry to disappoint you that I don’t possess superpowers.

I love art and psychotherapy.

I used to write prose and poetry while in High school. Now, the educational system ruined my creativity.

Poetry 80%
Tango dancing 50%
Alexandru Ivanciu

Hello ! I am Alexandru, from Bucharest, Romania. People use to call me Alex. I am cool because I am small. I am cool because I am smart. I am cool because I know how to arrange a travel. And the last but also the most important : I am cool because I like to make many friends.

English 90%
Working in groups 80%
Plan something 80%
Boardgames 100%
Energizers 100%
Andreas Aristeidou

Well, talk to me for a while and you will realise why I am the coolest person on earth (and also very humble! 😉 ). I come from Cyprus and I cannot but love warm weather and the seaside (swimming included!). Another reason I am COOL is because I make the most of the COOL weather in Cyprus as well (believe it or not we do get a lot of snow too!). I really love Youth Work, I have benefited from the Erasmus Plus Project a lot, and I am really willing to be part of it again in the future!


Team work 90%
Time managment 90%
Organizational skills 90%
Responsibility 100%
Creativity 90%
Katarina Badak
I am nerd. Can talk really a lot about science, medicine and science in it,
Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, The Big Bang Theory, any kind of crimi show,
cello music, music in general..
As well I feel great deal of empathy toward other people,
and if someone is not in good mood I tend to run away.
Also, like languages and pub quizz evenings.
And board games.
And Star Trek.
And Star Wars.
And my dog.
And nature.
And peace.